1. Maroon Belles features works by Amanda Charchian, Kathryn Garcia, Ariel Herwitz, Dwyer Kilcollin, Allie Pohl, Lisa Solberg and Lola Rose Thompson. The exhibition is premised not along traditional curatorial themes but instead on evoking certain energy, found in the friendship between the curator and the artists, the intentions, coincidences, and perspectives with which the works were made, and the moment all elements come to fruition.

    Opening Reception: August 16, 2014 | 6 – 9 pm

    Location: 4619 W Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016 

    Exhibition is open by appointment only. Contact simmy@simmyswinder.com for further information.

  2. Gala Knörr has started a vlog project called ‘MOMENTS’, it is a collection of short films and videos from the past two years. They have been posted in a non linear way to be watched one after the other on a playlist on youtube or as a diary on tumbr. Most of those short clips have inspired or are related to her artwork. New clips will be posted daily.


  3.  Saatchi Art Artist of The Day
    #ArtistoftheDay Jwan Yosef http://goo.gl/nTESJe
  4. The artist and curator of the Journey to the Center of my Mind project Gala Knorr has been selected to be part of the Threadneedle Prize Figurative Art Today at Mall Galleries exhibition this fall 2014. Knörr’s work will be competing for the prize, winner and finalists will be announced next month.

  5. Jwan Yosef´s take on Modern-Day Heroes and his latest work, “Ahmad” in DSECTION Magazine

  6. FUTURE DELEGATES by Lola Rose Thompson and Morgan Gillio

    New Paintings, Sculpture and Performance

    Musical guest Jena Malone

    Opening reception on Tuesday, July 1st, including an unmissable death-defying action stunt by Morgan Gillio

    The future is unknown, but only to those who aren’t there. Is it possible to know everything that has happened, at once, right now? Or do we need dimensional representation as we cross the threshold of time? The ambassadors of the future are not as distant as they seem. They are waiting to meet us, if only we heed their call, and move into their hallucinatory democracy.

    In FUTURE DELEGATES, Lola Rose Thompson and Morgan Gillio attempt to make visual treaties with these forces and entities. New sculptures, paintings, and installations invite viewers to frolic in the exotic and whimsical landscape they inhabit, and become citizens in the united front of the fantastic.

  7. MuratCentoventodue Gallery is pleased to announce” The Quality Scale” solo show of Giusy Pirrotta.

    Giusy Pirrotta’s work is focused on the study and the manipulation of moving image in relation to its representation codes as well as to the elements which constitute it . A particular aspect of her research regards the analysis of the ephemeral aspect of light as a projected images and the perceptual phenomena related to its fruition, especially in relation to the dependence of specific equipment for its production and exhibition. Both elements are intended in order to point out the materiality and sculptural aspect of moving image in relation to the paradox related to its evanescence. Pirrotta is interested in the creation of what can be defined an “architecture of moving image” and the relationship with the physical exhibition space, most of her interventions are site-specific aiming to create visual dynamic environment where the image projected is dismantled and integrated in the architectural space in relation also to sculptural elements.
    The quality of Scale explores the relationship between the notion of public/intimacy and monument/object especially referring to the quality of sculpture and its relationship with exhibition space, viewer and light.

    “The quality of intimacy is attached to an object in a fairly direct proportion as its size diminished in relation to oneself. The quality of publicness is attached in proportion as the size increases in relation to oneself” ( Robert Morris , Continuous Project Altered Daily, The Writings of Robet Morris, in Note on Sculpture Part 2, p13, October Book, the MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1995)

    Robert Morris defines part of these concepts on his reflections about sculpture analyzing the space between subject and object. A smaller object needs less visual space space around itself determining a more intimate relationship with the viewer rather than a larger one that in order to be entirely seen in its whole necessarily requires the one to keep some distance. That establishes another kind of relationship between the viewer and the exhibition space. In this sense space does not exist for intimate object and in these terms it is possible to define the difference between Monument an and Object.

    Moreover, in the simpler polyhedrons such as cubes and pyramids , it is not visually needed to move around their structure to understand the configuration. They give to the viewer an immediate sense of their shape due to their simplicity. This immediate sense of awareness in their spatial extension involves perceptual theories of “constancy of shape”, “tendencies towards simplicity”, memory traces and physiological factors regards the nature of binocular parallax vision and the structure of retina and brain.

    The site-specific intervention, thought specifically for the gallery space, arises from the confrontation with these considerations as a result of the realization of sculptural structures combined within the exhibition space and the fruition of light and image.

    Via G. Murat 122/b – Bari
    OPENING Venerdì 30 maggio 2014, ore 19.30
    30 maggio – 7 luglio 2014
    Orario di apertura dal martedì al sabato,
    dalle 17.00 alle 20.00
    393.8704029 – 392.5985840
    mailto:info@muratcentoventidue.com” info@muratcentoventidue.com h ttp://www.muratcentoventidue.com



  8. Jwan Yosef will be exhibiting at the group show ‘THE RETHORIC OF PAINTING’ in Stockholm at Galleri Bon until the 11th of May 2014.

  9. Lola Rose Thompson will be exhibiting some of her watercolour works at LAST Projects in Los Angeles. A group exhibition curated by Rachid Bouhamidi. Opening will take place on the 8th of May from 6 to 11pm, and the exhibition will be running until the 8th of June.

  10. Gala Knörr was invited by Life.Curated London to collaborate with them for a week choosing different aspects of her daily life that help her start a good day in the studio. Read more HERE.

    'Spanish artist Gala Knorr studied at Parsons in Paris and Central St Martins in London before settling in the British capitol to pursue her practise, which is based around painting, photography and film.

    Gala received an honourable mention in the 2014 Beers Contemporary Prize and has exhibited in London, Los Angeles, Paris and Madrid. Her work documents her surroundings, and her bohemian lifestyle. Like John Deakin she is constantly armed with a camera and steals moments from her associates in the world of music and art, creating intricate and revealing portraits that she occasionally adapts with fabric, paint and collage techniques. She invites the viewer into a luscious and carnal world with a unique eye. She has also produced a number of music videos most recently for French pop singer S. Armelle.

    When she’s not locked in a studio developing her latest work, she DJ’s at various parties across the city, with her monthly night ‘Moonage Daydreamer’ seeing her play old school Rock and Roll and Soul in The Star at Hackney Downs.’

  11. Check out Lola Rose Thompson's 'Classic Stone Face' exhibition at TenOverSix from March 29th to April 26th in Los Angeles. A selected body of work by Lola Rose Thompson, curated by interior designer Yaoska Davila. Thompson’s paintings move playfully between subjects, from ancient relics to sex, politics to psychics. Her whimsical titles project voices into her figures, describing the fantasies of half-forgotten relics and the sexual preferences of marble sculptures. From subtle watercolors rendered with an ultra-light touch to psychedelic oil paintings bursting with thick layers of color, all of Thompson’s paintings are brimming with wit, naked bodies, mythological types and female prowess. x


  12. Filmarmalade Presents Beth Fox, My First Retrospective (one day only…)
    6th March 2014 12 – 9pm
    Drinks available from 6 – 9pm

    Filmarmalade are proud to present the first major retrospective of the self-seminized conceptual sculptor, filmmaker and general l’enfant terrible Beth Fox.

    “Beth Fox’s work espouses a complex form of reflexive post-modern humour with influences as diverse as Kierkegaard and Woody Allen. Through the medium of sculpture and text, new variations are synthesised
    from both opaque and transparent meanings and what starts out as contemplation soon becomes manipulated into a hegemony of defeat, leaving only a sense of unreality and the unlikelihood of a new order.”
    August DeWitt (writer, intellectual, art critic, feminist, political activist and gender theorist)

    Fox recently recently exhibited work at Divus Gallery, London, Sluice, London, Angus-Hughes Gallery,London, the Horse Hospital, London and the Bunkhouse Gallery, Madrid. She was born in Ireland and lives
    and works in London.

    Filmarmalade is a publisher and DVD label specialising in contemporary artistsʼ film and video works. Every year Filmarmalade publish a series of works, selected through both invited and open submission, with the aim of encouraging wider access to the moving image. Filmarmalade also specially commission interviews to accompany each publication to provide a greater understanding of how video and film artists situate their work in relation to the history of art and contemporary fine art practice. Filmarmalade is a project by the artist Gordon Shrigley. The entire Filmarmalade collection is held at the British Artistsʼ Film & Video Study Collection.


  13. Check out the 6 page spread and interview of our Madrid Edition artist Jwan Yosef on Atwood. http://issuu.com/atwoodmagazine/docs/final_nostalgia

  14. Installation from Gala Knörr's Open Studio Weekend for Spain NOW!, an initiative sponsored by the Spanish Consulate in Spain.

  15. Our artist Paz Lenchantin directed the stop motion film Spider for her band The Entrance Band, which we exhibited in hm157 a year ago for Journey to the Center of My Mind Exhibition. The finalized film has now premiered to promote their new album ‘Face the Sun’ which will be released November 19th.