1. Check out Lola Rose Thompson's 'Classic Stone Face' exhibition at TenOverSix from March 29th to April 26th in Los Angeles. A selected body of work by Lola Rose Thompson, curated by interior designer Yaoska Davila. Thompson’s paintings move playfully between subjects, from ancient relics to sex, politics to psychics. Her whimsical titles project voices into her figures, describing the fantasies of half-forgotten relics and the sexual preferences of marble sculptures. From subtle watercolors rendered with an ultra-light touch to psychedelic oil paintings bursting with thick layers of color, all of Thompson’s paintings are brimming with wit, naked bodies, mythological types and female prowess. x


  2. Filmarmalade Presents Beth Fox, My First Retrospective (one day only…)
    6th March 2014 12 – 9pm
    Drinks available from 6 – 9pm

    Filmarmalade are proud to present the first major retrospective of the self-seminized conceptual sculptor, filmmaker and general l’enfant terrible Beth Fox.

    “Beth Fox’s work espouses a complex form of reflexive post-modern humour with influences as diverse as Kierkegaard and Woody Allen. Through the medium of sculpture and text, new variations are synthesised
    from both opaque and transparent meanings and what starts out as contemplation soon becomes manipulated into a hegemony of defeat, leaving only a sense of unreality and the unlikelihood of a new order.”
    August DeWitt (writer, intellectual, art critic, feminist, political activist and gender theorist)

    Fox recently recently exhibited work at Divus Gallery, London, Sluice, London, Angus-Hughes Gallery,London, the Horse Hospital, London and the Bunkhouse Gallery, Madrid. She was born in Ireland and lives
    and works in London.

    Filmarmalade is a publisher and DVD label specialising in contemporary artistsʼ film and video works. Every year Filmarmalade publish a series of works, selected through both invited and open submission, with the aim of encouraging wider access to the moving image. Filmarmalade also specially commission interviews to accompany each publication to provide a greater understanding of how video and film artists situate their work in relation to the history of art and contemporary fine art practice. Filmarmalade is a project by the artist Gordon Shrigley. The entire Filmarmalade collection is held at the British Artistsʼ Film & Video Study Collection.


  3. Check out the 6 page spread and interview of our Madrid Edition artist Jwan Yosef on Atwood. http://issuu.com/atwoodmagazine/docs/final_nostalgia

  4. Installation from Gala Knörr's Open Studio Weekend for Spain NOW!, an initiative sponsored by the Spanish Consulate in Spain.

  5. Our artist Paz Lenchantin directed the stop motion film Spider for her band The Entrance Band, which we exhibited in hm157 a year ago for Journey to the Center of My Mind Exhibition. The finalized film has now premiered to promote their new album ‘Face the Sun’ which will be released November 19th.

  6. #DIESELREBOOT is Nicola Formichetti’s very first project as Artistic Director of Diesel.

    Taking over Paris’ incredible department store Galeries Lafayette and turning it into an outsized art gallery, Formichetti has selected 1000 artists to be part of the biggest crowd-sourced exhibition yet.

    You will find Gala Knorr's pieces in the installation from the 14th to the 24th of October 2013.

  7. Garageland Reviews which is a bi anually published zine by Transition Gallery has published a review and interview with the lovely Beth Fox on her first solo show by the Journey to the Center of My Mind Exhibition curator Gala Knorr. You can read their coffee time chat here.

  8. Our friend Beth Fox is opening her first solo show this friday 27th September 2013 in Deptford at Divus London.

    Divus London, Enclave 5, 50 Resolution Way, SE8 4AL, London

    "I’M CURATING MY OWN SOLO SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111" is the first UK solo exhibition of Irish artist Beth Fox.

    Fox’s practice involves an investigation into the legacies of conceptual and appropriation art. Incorporating sculpture, drawing and text Fox’s work questions the structures and dynamics of the art world through the eyes of the “struggling artist” archetype. Her work employs self-conscious humour to question the dynamics of the institute; the relationships and/or power struggles between art and artist/artist and curator/curator and gallerist/gallerist and collector/audience and artist/gallerist and art/collector and gallerina. Much of her work is concerned with hierarchies in art institutions and the space that exists between “emerging”, “established” and “successful” art/ists.

    About the artist:

    Beth Fox gained employment at an early age working for a local Shepherd in the lonely hills on the west coast of Ireland. One day she was discovered by a passing nobleman who witnessed her quietly sketching sheep in the sand with a pointed stick. The nobleman was so taken with her talent and skill that he took her away with him and trained her as a painter in his studio in Florence. One day while she was painting the cherub-like face of an angel in the background of one of the nobleman’s majestic canvases he stopped her. The brush fell from his hand in astonishment as he realised that he had nothing left to teach her.
    She became the master, and he the pupil.


  9. Journey to the Center of My Mind Exhibition artist from our Madrid edition Jwan Yosef and Konstanty Czartoryski will be opening a two men exhibition at Divus London curated by artist Beth Fox. Opening next week friday Monday 28th 2013.

  10. North American artist Chloe Sells (based in London and Botswana) has just opened this week her first solo exhibition ‘SENESCENCE’ at Michael Hoppen Gallery in London. Running from June 21st to August 31 2013. Make sure you get a good look at the amazing pieces Chloe has been working on all year.

  11. Journey to the Center of My Mind Exhibition Namibian artist Anne Lacheiner-Kuhn will be exhibiting her new collage work at Dalston Superstore for ‘CUT & PASTE’ opening tonight.
    Click on the facebook event link more for info:
  12. Artist and performer Paz Lenchantin and her bandmate Guy Blakeslee from The Entrance Band have teamed up to create ‘Le Manque’ a film with music from their latest album ‘Dans La Tempete’ that will be released this June, 2013.


  13. Lola Rose Thompson


  14. Anne Lacheiner-Kuhn


  15. Konstanty Czartoryski